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I'm Eric Schiller. Born and raised in New York, I am now residing in Palo Alto, California. I spend my time doing many things, mostly involving chess, linguistics, computers and music, and political activities.

I am often online in various chess communities ( mainly chess.com, chessgames.com, chesscube.com) and blog at www.dailyKos.com as MakeChessNotWar.

I teach chess and English skills on the SF Peninsula and online. In 20011 I am teaching at Palo Verde, International and Las Lomitas schools for Bay Area Chess.

My Facebook page is Eric Schiller2.



If you are looking for Eric Schiller who composed some new age music, that's not me, and sadly the talented young man passed away in 2000. Nor am I the Eric Schiller who studies water management. And I'm not the Eric Schiller who wrestles, except with ideas. Isn't life on the 'Net confusing?

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The Rubinstein Attack: An Opening Strategy for White (BrownWalker/Universal Publishers)

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How to Succeed in the Queen Pawn Openings (with John Watson, Trafford)

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Coming Soon:
  • Modern Stonewall Dutch (Ishi Press)
  • Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (Ishi Press)
Ebooks are now available in Kindle Format.







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